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Our Partners - Ticket Evolution

Ticket Evolution - The Best of the Best!

Our relationship and respect for the visionaries who are Ticket Evolution began over 20 years ago. Today Ticket Evolution is one of the most recognized names in the secondary ticket industry. They are the new leaders bringing the latest ticketing innovations to the broker community. We believe the Best of the Best companies put customers first and they do. The changes Ticket Evolution are creating provide ticket customers with the Best selection of Best tickets from the Best ticket brokers at the Best price. Best of the Best!

Ram and Steve - The story begins over 20 years ago

Three paradigm-changing innovators drive Ticket Evolution. Ram Silverman and Steve Parry of Golden Tickets the two founding members and Drew Gainor who is steering the ship.

StarOne Tickets and Golden Tickets are both founding members of the NATB, National Association of Ticket Brokers, and have shared the same values in setting the highest standards in the secondary ticket industry since. Our founder, Ervil DiGiusto is extremely proud to have worked closely with Ram and Steve on the NATB 20 years ago and we are even more excited today to partner with them again helping to make the ticket broker industry continuously better for our customers.

Drew Gainor - The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Ticket Evolution's two founding members started off by reaching out to fellow leading ticket brokers rallying support and surveying the community. A few weeks into the initiative, Steve and Ram received an email from a fellow ticket veteran Drew Gainor that forever changed the face of Ticket Evolution. Drew had spent over 10 years in the secondary ticket industry, always on the cutting edge he started a popular online ticketing portal with his father at and knows the industry inside and out having worked at National Event Company in New York City.

Drew's enthusiasm and passion for technology and tickets as well as the talent and expertise he had displayed over the following few weeks seemed like destiny. Drew had brought a wealth of resources, experience and the field's most talented engineers that were perfect for the vision. Together the three founders worked day and night through the preceding months leading up to the annual ticket broker conference run by the National Association of Ticket Brokers they began 20 years earlier to introduce the next generation of excellence to Ticket Broker community.

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